Błogosławiona modlitwa do św. Barbary o zjednoczenie par na zawsze

The love between a couple often ends or they decide to separate due to life circumstances. Therefore, among the gifts and virtues of St. Barbara Bendita, she helps every believer to reunite with their loved one. Through prayer, which has great power in emotions and love.

A Beautiful Prayer for the Union of Couples in the Name of Santa Barbara

Her strength is well-known, that’s why the prayer to St. Barbara serves to unite couples who have been separated by third parties or in any difficult-to-repair situation. Say the following beautiful prayer.

Blessed St. Barbara!

I implore you, I beg you

To intervene, and grant

The miracle that I so desperately need

And I plead

I come before you, on my knees,

With conviction and faith,

That so and so will happen

For nothing is impossible for you.

Blessed are those who seek your love

And protection, because you always want

What’s best for us.

Therefore, I trust you with my earnest wish

To be with the person I love


Intercede with your holy renewing and healing power,

Which can make everything happen,

Bringing me back to the place where I see

myself through those same eyes.

Blessed and beloved St. Barbara,

Help me, because I feel that without this person

I am not the same, for I am filled with great sorrow

In my heart, which I cannot erase.

Virgin, you know me, I know that you know

how I behave, sometimes I am a little

impatient and pushy,

But I am a good person.

I do not deserve to suffer

And don’t ask me every day,

Because this separation has happened to me.

So I beg you, I beg you,

Work your miracle, St. Barbara, bless

my life and fill it with so much

Love and giving.

Especially for that person,

I feel my vibrations

Urging him to accept me back into his life.

No matter who was wrong,

Place forgiveness in our hearts

And may you succeed in reconciling us.

I am willing to set aside my pride

And try again,

Everything for the person I love.

Dear St. Barbara,

I know that you are silent

Listening and pondering

How you will help me?

My faith and certainty of the miracle

That you will perform in my life?

Is too pure and great.

I can sit and wait

Because I know that it

Is a fact that it will happen.

Today my fear has vanished

To be alone, never to return

Functioning was my main torment.

But with your loving eyes you can light up

The whole universe and anywhere,

No matter how dark it is.

Even the heart of the person I love.

I could sit and cry

But I am at peace, I know that

You will somehow help me.

I’m simply waiting and imagining the moments

That I will share with the person next to me,

Radiating light and sharing

His beautiful smile.

I am not only your son but also a faithful worshipper

That at this moment is only

What you ask of you is the recovery of love

And the companionship of one person.

Whom I love,

Who is my perfect complement

And that’s why I want to heal.

Show me the path I must take

To reach your heart,

In the same way I have never left it.

Dear St. Barbara,

I know that you possess

Incomparable power and everyone speaks of it.

Today, I also want to testify

To the one who approaches me and

Tell him that life close to you is exceptional.

Grant me this miracle, and I will

Keep my promises, be faithful,

For you know how much I desire it.

Santa Barbara, summon all your powers,

For they will be needed to overcome the enemy,

Now you are the queen of my life

And you can take control.


Why does the power of Santa Barbara unite couples?

This patron saint has incredible powers related to love, because through her care, she wants all her faithful followers to have joy. That’s why, in matters of relationships, it is recommended to direct a prayer to St. Barbara in order to unite separated couples. To achieve happiness and blessed love in both individuals.

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